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Topology regularised foundation model for medical image segmentation

Causal Graph Informed Deep Learning

Physical Human-Robot Collaboration: Human Intent Prediction

Data Simulation for Improving Autonomous Driving

Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Broad Non-Parametric Tasks

NLP and Knowledge Graphs for Research Cluster Prediction and Analysis

Partial 3D Thyroid Registration using GCN

NLP for intelligent data mining

Acceleration of Neural Network Training

Generation of synthetic segmented medical images for tumor detection

Defining corporate health classes

Advanced Analytics in Metal Forming Processes

Emotional states and personality profiles in Conversational AI

Deep learning for genetic risk prediction

Machine learning-based image detection for lensless microscopy in life science

On-The-Fly pattern recognition for satellite time series data

Energy-Efficient Runtime in HPC Systems with Machine Learning

A network analytical take on the European Parliament

Enhancement of clinical optoacoustic and ultrasound images

PDE learning for verification

A Machine Learning playing GO

Climate change and health