Smart city solution: AI based organisation of public parking spaces

This project was for summer term 2020, you CAN NOT apply to this project anymore!

Results of this project are explained in detail in the final documentation , the final presentation and video below:

Both smart cities and data-driven decisions are key trends for governmental actions. Inter alia, more and more cities are turning to smart parking and parking analytics. A partnering city on its way to a smart city wishes to install an AI based monitoring of public parking spaces. A set of cameras (and sensors) will overlook the parking spaces and provide data about the current parking situation. Parked cars should be recognised based on the camera data, which requires image recognition methods. In a next step, a prediction model should be trained which predicts the number of free parking spots regarding time, weekday, weather, etc. If we win some IT-interested students for the team, we can build an app which shows the predictions regarding the parking situation for citizens. Furthermore, different parking situations can be compared, e.g. what is happening if one parking spot is closed. The students will work close with the responsible persons of the city and can propose new ideas directly. The result of the project should be a summary of all detected findings and a recommendation for action for our partnering city. The findings will be used for the next steps towards a smart city solution.