Advanced Analytics in Metal Forming Processes

This project was for summer term 2020, you CAN NOT apply to this project anymore!

Results of this project are explained in detail in the final documentation

BSH Dillingen is one of the largest and leading dishwasher factories in Europe. Within mass production, many manufacturing sequences are processed fully automatically. And that goes for the dishwasher factory of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH in Dillingen, of course.

In the field of metal forming, many processes have become very complex over time. This is due to requirements concerning the functions, material, quality and costs. Managing such complex processes with different in- and output parameters was driven for a long time by high expertize of many professionals. In the future, the field of industry 4.0 enables new possibilities for increasing know-how and process optimization.

For a defined deep drawing process at the inner-door press, certain data is now collected with the target to optimize production steps and gain further insights and deeper understanding of the manufacturing process. In particular, it is intended to gain knowledge about whether any cracks that occur can be traced back to the deep-drawing process.
A preliminary work in the form of a Bachelor's thesis took care of collecting data within the deep drawing process of metal sheets.

As part of this project work an iterative analytics of the collected data should be performed. In a first step the existing data has to be checked if its usable to find correlations in between the deep-drawing process and occurring cracks at the metal panels (inner doors). Possibly necessary adjustments in the data collection can be made together with process experts and electrical engineers who are dealing with IoT-solutions.

The target of this work is to improve the current deep-drawing process by using and implementing the gained knowledge of the data analysis. It would be good to get such a good understanding of the drawing process to be able to affect the manufacturing process quick enough to avoid cracks in the metal sheets.

It goes without saying that the gained knowledge must be checked and validated.
The greatest benefit of this project work would be to roll out the findings into all our international dishwasher plants of BSH.