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Upcoming Events

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Munich AI Lecture: Giles Hooker on "V-Statistics and Variance Estimation: Inference for Random Forests and Other Ensembles"

On June 01, Prof. Giles Hooker will be giving the next lecture of our series – the Munich AI Lectures. The Munich AI Lectures are a joint initiative of MDSI, CAS, ELLIS Munich, and MCML to showcase…

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TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning: Data Science Certificate Program (copy 1)

The "Data Science" certificate program, developed by TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning in close cooperation with professors from the Department of Mathematics/core members of MDSI, will start in…

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Interdisciplinary Exchange Session: Graph Neural Networks for Material Science

On June 22, MDSI will host the first Interdisciplinary Exchange Session on the topic of Graph Neural Networks for Material Science. Speakers will be Julija Zavadlav and Stephan Günnemann.

Past Events

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Scientific Writing in the Era of AI (for Data Scientists)

Have you ever been tempted to simply outsource your work – especially the writing part – to an AI tool? Or are you simply curious about the options and opportunities (as well as the risks) of…

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Women in Data Science Munich Event

On June 19, the Women in Data Science Munich Conference, organized by BERD@NFDI, LMU, MDSI, SIXT SE, TUM and TUM Think Tank as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference, the WiDS Datathon, and an…

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Research Seminar on data science, machine learning and AI topics

MDSI's PhD Research Seminar on data science, machine learning and AI topics (re-)starts on May 8 with a one-day workshop. The workshop teaches PhD students how to present their research across…