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Upcoming Events

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PhD Training: Entrepreneurial Mindset for Data Scientists

On April 19, MDSI offers an entrepreneurship training for doctoral students from data science, AI, ML and related backgrounds.

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PhD Training: A Human Rights-based Approach to AI Development

It is a common belief in the engineering and data science community that data presents neutrality and truth. In this course, we unpack this myth and demonstrate that data and AI systems are both…

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Getting Started with Microsoft Azure for Bioinformatics

We are pleased to announce the workshop Getting Started with Microsoft Azure for Bioinformatics. The workshop will cover success stories, a practical session (e.g. for deep learning), and best…

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Research Seminar on data science, machine learning and AI topics

MDSI's PhD Research Seminar on data science, machine learning and AI topics (re-)starts on May 6, 2024 with a one-day workshop. The workshop teaches PhD students how to present their research across…

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4th GraphNeT Workshop: Graph Neural Networks and Beyond

This is the fourth workshop dedicated to GraphNeT – A deep learning library for neutrino telescopes. The goal is to bring together researchers working at the intersection of neutrino telescope…

Past Events

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CAUSE Junior Researcher Day Spring 2024

On April 11, the CAUSE Junior Researchers Day will take place, where members of research groups from various universities will give lectures on the topic of causality.

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New Directions for Global Activities in Data Ethics

On behalf of the Ethical Data Initiative (EDI) at the TUM Think Tank and the University of Exeter, we are delighted to invite you to a multi-stakeholder workshop on “New Directions for Global…

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Unveiling the Success Story of MDSI Football Analytics Hackathon

In the world of sports, the game is constantly evolving, and so is the way we analyze it. Aligned with the latest data science updates & applications, MDSI organized and hosted the very first Football…