Shaping the future with data: The Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI)

The digital revolution is transforming societies, economies, and even science and its paths to knowledge. At the Munich Data Science Institute, we are anticipating, accompanying and shaping this change. We are TUM’s central interface and innovation hub for questions and solutions arising from Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We are connecting people and ideas across disciplines.

Central interface and innovation hub

Tremendous advances in Data Science will significantly change the future of various research fields. Forming one of TUM’s Integrative Research Centers, the MDSI makes the enormous potential resulting from data generation, data analysis and high-performance computing available to the entire university.

  • Connecting expertise: We combine outstanding competencies from our schools and departments in the fields of Data science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence in a novel research center.
  • Developing methods and technologies: We pursue our own fundamental research in data science and develop new methods and technologies for applications across a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Bringing people and ideas together: We connect experts and users, researchers and students in a collaborative, transdisciplinary and communal environment.
  • Driving innovation: We support the translation of research results, innovative technologies and services, as well as the development of future-oriented business ideas.
  • Supporting scientists: We provide professional data-related services for researchers from across TUM’s entire portfolio of disciplines.