Privacy preserving and trustworthy machine learning

Despite the growing availability of high performance algorithmic tools for advanced statistical modelling and machine learning, solutions to many of the world’s most important problems are constrained by a lack of available scientific data. The causes for this disparity can be found within legal or ethical restrictions to data utilisation in fields such as medicine and within the competitive advantage provided by such data, discouraging data owners from sharing it. These constraints, although justifiable and necessary, often leads to questionable outcomes. For instance, many of the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms approved by the Food and Drug Administration have been trained on datasets barely exceeding one thousand records.

In both aforementioned cases, the dilemma between data utilisation and data protection can be reconciled by reformulating its fundamental assumption: it is not access to data which is required, but access to the conclusions which can be drawn from this data.

Privacy Technologies such as Differential Privacy, Encrypted Computation and Distributed Learning can bridge this gap by providing the ability to train algorithms on data which is not locally available while maintaining governance and ownership, as well as allowing the provision of information-theoretic guarantees of privacy and confidentiality.


| Event, PPTML

PPTML Workshop

The Munich Data Science Institute is proclaiming the inaugural workshop on Privacy-Preserving and Trustworthy Machine Learning (PPTML).

Coded Distributed Computation with Application to Machine Learning
PI: A. Wachter-Zeh; DFG Individual Research Grants

COALESCENCE: Coded Computation for Large Scale Machine Learning with Privacy Guarantees
PIs: A. Wachter-Zeh (TUM), D.Gunduz (ICL); TUM-ICL Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS)

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