MDSI – Shaping the Future with Data

The Munich Data Science Institute

The digital revolution is transforming societies, economies, and even science and its paths to knowledge. At the Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI), we are anticipating, accompanying and shaping this change. We are TUM’s central interface and innovation hub for questions and solutions arising from Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We are connecting people and ideas across disciplines.

Top News

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Core Member Prof. Nassir Navab Named IEEE Fellow 2022

IEEE recognizes TUM expert for augmented reality applications in medicine.

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Theoretical Foundations of Deep Learning: TUM as Strongest Institution

The German Research Foundation (DFG) launches a new Priority Program with a focus on Deep Learning (DL). TUM is involved in five out of 23 projects – four of which with participation of MDSI core…

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New Master's Students in the Linde/MDSI Scholarship Program

The next round of master's students will be funded under the Linde/MDSI Scholarship Program starting in October 2021.

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TUM's Ninth and Tenth Humboldt Professorships

Stefanie Jegelka and Suvrit Sra receive top-level Artificial Intelligence professorships. Both professorships will be associated with the MDSI.

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TUM Data Innovation Lab Joins the MDSI

After five successful years in the TUM Department of Mathematics, more than 70 projects completed and 59 industry and research partners gained, the TUM Data Innovation Lab (TUM-DI-LAB) joins the new…