PhD Training: Public Science Communication for Data Scientists

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On March 23 and 24, MDSI offers a public science communication (with AI) training for doctoral students from data science, AI, ML and related backgrounds.

From coronavirus pandemics and climate change to technological advances and innovation, scientific, data-driven issues permeate our modern society. It is becoming increasingly important to base decisions on sound and accurate information. Therefore, making scientific results from data science, ML and AI accessible to a broad audience and presenting them in an understandable way is becoming an increasingly important part of the scientist's duty to society.  

This workshop will introduce the basics of how to present your scientific content in an understandable way. Participants will work hands-on and develop their own science communication project. You will draft texts using your own imagination as well as explore the possibilities of AI-driven text or image generation. Feedback from the group and the trainer will help you to refine and hone your message

This workshop is part of MDSI's doctoral training program.