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The TUM GNI funds PhD and PostDoc research. Currently there are five TUM GNI PhDs and one TUM GNI PostDoc.


Dafydd Cotoarbă, M.Sc.
Probabilistic Digital Twins for Geotechnical Design and Assessment.

Klara Santer, M.Sc.
Human–computer interaction for building documentation.

Andre Yu Li, M.Arch.
Enhancing Explanation to Improve Building-Design Support.

José Quesafa Allerhand, M.Sc.
Measurements for improving energy-performance impact of building retrofits.

Shih-Pu Kuo, M.Sc.
Sustainable building design explanation for enhancing the education of novices.

TUM GNI PostDocs

The TUM GNI Postdoc Program is dedicated to scientists with significant experience in the research area of TUM GNI. There is currently one TUM GNI PostDoc.

Dr. Manav M. Singh
Research Topics: Decision Support System using Machine Learning and Building Information Modelling for Evaluating Energy-Efficient Design Strategies.