TUM GNI Postdoc Program

The TUM GNI Postdoc Program is dedicated to scientists with significant experience in the research area of TUM GNI who obtained their PhD within the last 5 years. The program was launched in summer 2021 to strengthen the scientific development of the TUM GNI. The goal of the Postdoc Program is to give internationally/nationally experienced highly qualified scientists the opportunity to establish their own research with focus on scientific core questions on Data Science and Machine Learning within the interdisciplinary research field of TUM GNI (AECOM domain with mathematics/informatics oriented research) and thus to support the TUM GNI in external impact and visibility. 

The postdoc program was awarded for a period of two years with the option of extending it by a further year. In addition, the postdoc receives his own budget of € 5,000 per year.

Selected Postdocs:

Our first selected Postdoc is Dr. Manav M. Singh. To find out more about him and  his work, please see here.

To find out about his research publications, please see here.