Linde/MDSI Doctoral Fellowships

Linde and the MDSI have partnered to promote excellent PhD fellows across different fields in order to strengthen interdisciplinary research addressing data science challenges. The Linde/MDSI PhD Fellows are an essential part of MDSI's thriving and dynamic research atmosphere. They participate in the specially tailored MDSI qualification program, and they are co-located at the facilities of the institute as needed. MDSI strongly supports their collaboration and interaction with fellows and faculty from other areas of research.

Call for Applications

Annually, MDSI launches calls for applications to recruit new fellows from the areas of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, their mathematical foundations, and their application in the various scientific fields represented at TUM. To apply, doctoral candidates outline their interest for the PhD thesis and connection to the above research areas in a motivation letter. Furthermore, they compose a brief research plan describing their ideas for the thesis topic, separately.

Before applying, the doctoral candidates reach out to their potential thesis supervisors at TUM. The successful applicants to the Linde/MDSI PhD Fellowship program receive half of the funds for their position from MDSI - the other half must be co-funded by the host.

TUM External Applicants

Individuals who are not already working at TUM must establish contact with a chair at TUM before applying for this program in order to secure funding for their PhD position. This process may take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is advisable to approach potential hosts well in advance before applying.


General requirements:

  • Excellent master’s degree (or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, engineering, natural sciences or other data science related social disciplines.
  • General admission requirements for a doctorate at TUM are met as defined here.
  • Membership in the TUM Graduate School (as per supervision agreement) cannot have started before the application deadline of the respective call.

Please provide the following documents:

  • CV including a list of publications and awards (if applicable).
  • Scanned transcripts of certificates (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree including transcript of records, other degrees or awards).
  • Motivation letter as described above (max. 500 words).
  • Research plan as described above (max. 500 words).
  • Names and addresses of two references who can provide letters of recommendation.
  • Support letter of the chair who is willing to act as a host. In this letter, the host agrees to supply one half of the PhD funds.

Details including deadlines and MDSI contact will be provided in the annual call's specific documentation.

Call for Applications

The next call for applications is open. The deadline for applications is February 26, 2023.

Detailed information on the call and the application process is provided in this document: Linde_MDSI_PhD_Fellowships_22.pdf

Furthermore, we require submission of a signed support letter: Linde_MDSI_PhD_Fellowships_22_LoI.pdf