MDSI Seed-Funds – Call closed

MDSI calls for proposals for seed funding of collaborative projects related to data science. The MDSI funds shall boost projects, which are currently in an installment / starting phase, by stimulating the identification of common research topics, producing initial methods for subsequent research or other preparatory work. The call closes on 01 August, 2021.

Download Call for MDSI Seed-Funds

To apply for MDSI seed funding two (or more) TUM PIs collaborate on a project with a focus either on the foundations of data science or any domain-specific data science. This project should be in an installment / starting phase. If successful, the applicants will receive funds for (up to) two doctoral or postdoctoral researchers for (up to) six months. Projects start in October 2021 latest (or in November if the duration is only 4 months).

  • Proposals must comprise at least 2 PIs who are professors at TUM or TUM Junior fellows.
  • Individual PIs can participate in up to two proposals simultaneously in this call.
  • Projects start 01 October 2021. Short term projects with a duration of only 4 months may start as late as 01 November.
  • A short written report about the outcomes of the project has to be provided six months after the MDSI funding has run out, at the latest. In addition, the team must produce a visible output in the form of e.g. a poster, or ideally a publication or a proposal for external funding.
  • To monitor the long term success of the program, one year after the funding has ended, a further update on the outcomes has to be provided.
  • The funded personnel are encouraged to participate in other MDSI activities and shall present their project outcomes in the MDSI seminar series.

Details on the proposal structure are described in the call documentation. Proposals must be sent in one pdf-file to:

The call closes on 01 August, 2021