Scientific Writing in the Era of AI (for Data Scientists)

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Have you ever been tempted to simply outsource your work – especially the writing part – to an AI tool? Or are you simply curious about the options and opportunities (as well as the risks) of employing AI tools in scientific writing? If that is the case, MDSI has a relevant workshop coming up.

In this one-day Scientific Writing Workshop, we will explore the Dos and Don’ts of Artificial Intelligence tools in writing research papers. These programs will become part of our standard toolkit soon. During this workshop, we will work collaboratively and explore how to use different AI tools to improve the quality and efficiency of your scientific writing. We will also learn how to critically evaluate the output of AI tools and integrate them into your writing process.

  1. In which parts of the writing process can AI tools be employed?
  2. What contribution do scientists need to make?
  3. How can you write with the tool, not have it write for you?

 We will look at AI tools such as grammar and spelling checkers, rewriting, and language models. We will discuss how to cite AI-generated text and be scientifically transparent when using AI-generated content. This workshop combines the trainer’s 10-year experience in scientific writing with the subject matter expertise in AI of the MDSI students to explore and learn from each other how to correctly employ the tools that are rapidly becoming available.