Jugend forscht: tutoring session for Bavarian winner in maths & informatics

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On May 8, 2023, Rolf Moeckel provided an extra coaching session to T.Döllmann, who took first place in the Bavarian Jugend forscht contest in math & informatics with his project "Bahn-Vorhersage"

Prof. Moeckel coaching T. Döllmann.

In the Bavarian Jugend forscht competition, T. Döllmann won the mathematics & informatics category with his project on "Bahn-Vorhersage". Based on exiting data (over 400TB of datapoints were used), the projects aims at evaluating and predicting the reliability of train through machine learning. More information on his project may be found at the project's webpage or in the following youtube interview:

MDSI was happy to help provide extra tutoring in preparation for the grand finale courtesy by Prof. Rolf Moeckel.