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Past Events

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Mini Workshop on Business Analytics at Center for Digital Transformation

Prof. Jingui Xie, Center for Digital transformation, is organizing a mini workshop on business analytics. The event will start at 2:30pm on June 29, 2022. Both local as well as online participation is…

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Quant of the Year 2022 talks about "Learning to Trade - Beyond vanilla Deep Hedging"

Hans Buehler, Quant of the Year 2022, is going to talk on June 28, 2022, at 1:30pm about "Learning to Trade - Beyond vanilla Deep Hedging". He collaborates with MDSI Core Member Blanka Horvath.

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TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning: Data Science Certificate Program

The "Data Science" certificate program, developed by TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning in close cooperation with professors from the Department of Mathematics/core members of MDSI, will start in…