Mission of the TUM Georg Nemetschek Institute

The TUM Georg Nemetschek Institute Artificial Intelligence for the Built World at the Technical University of Munich is a flagship centre for academic research, teaching and knowledge transfer to society.

Research fields include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data-centred engineering and related data and knowledge-based technologies. We concentrate on applications in architecture, engineering, construction, operate & management in the built environment (AECOM). The Institute thus develops and promotes a new generation of technologies with strategic importance for digital sciences in general and AECOM industries in particular. It contributes to solving the grand societal challenges of the environment, climate, information & communications, mobility & infrastructure. Taking advantage of big data, extracting information by data analytics, creating insight from machine learning as well as representing and reasoning with knowledge, "AI for the Built World" focuses on the creation of efficient technologies for supporting important aspects of AECOM decision-making.